✓ 15 Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
beritatoday.net - Having a small room can cause problems with all kinds of landscaping. Location of the bed, storage spaces, colours of the room. All means are suitable not to feel too cramped. Take inspiration from these 15 small, well-appointed rooms and come up with ideas to better optimize yours!

Avoiding the bazaar and the feeling of crampedness is difficult when you have a small room. Still, it can become a cosy and comfortable corner if you find the right tricks. A few smart layouts, neutral tones and a good dose of light, this is enough to enlarge the smallest rooms, regardless of size.

✓ 15 Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

1. Design a well-thought-out headboard
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Emil Dervish

>> Photo Emil Dervish via Pinterest
If there's one thing to work on in the room, it's the headboard! Rather than leaving it bare, the ideal is to be able to optimize its space, by creating a bespoke storage unit, if possible on the entire height under ceiling. The niche thus created frames the location of the bed and at the same time, enhances the décor of the room, painted in a soft and soothing hue.

2. Install a canopy in a small room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Planet Decoration

>> Photo Planet Decoration via Pinterest
In a studio or a small apartment, it often happens that the room settles partly in the living room. Its reduced surface area must be detached from the rest by a smart layout. The canopy is a perfect choice to succeed in this major challenge. Choosing an XXL model allows the space to be visually enlarged, favouring the circulation of light throughout the apartment.

3. Slide the bed into a corner of the room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Mikael Lundblad

>> Photo Mikael Lundblad via Pinterest
A small, well-appointed room passes through a night corner that best integrated into space. Here, the foundation has found its ideal location in a neglected recess, enough to exploit the hitherto uninhabited surface. The room is more cosy, out of sight, while offering a clean styling. Only the bed materializes the function of this room, creating a minimalist atmosphere conducive to rest.

4. Arrange every nook and cranny in a room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

>> Photo Convertlofts via Pinterest
In a small place, it is essential to optimize space. Installed under the roofs, benefits from integrated storage under large windows, Velux type, from this attic room. The bed installed in a recess of the wall, nesting between the openings and the small extra desk. The right idea to sting? White walls enhanced by a lé of spring wallpaper, acting as a headboard.

5. Install a mirror to enlarge your small room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

>> Photo Alvhem via Pinterest
The most obvious trick to grow a small room is to install a large mirror on a section of wall. Here, the old mirror reflects the night corner and meets the authentic look of the brick wall. With warm lighting - garland spirit, recuperated suspension and luminous globe on the bedside - the small room gains in space and cachet!

6. The small room optimizes storage space
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Main Street Stockholm

>> Photo Main Street Stockholm via Pinterest
The ideal way to make up for the lack of surface area? Install storage on the height and width of the bedroom walls. With their bright hue, the shelves become airy and blend into the wall in favour of the exhibits. Well-arranged, storage can even act as a headboard. For a small aesthetic and optimized room!

7. Dare an intense colour for little room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Jonas Gustavsson

>> Photo Jonas Gustavsson via Pinterest
This small room affirms its character because painted in a cameo of very dark blues.  The small space does not suffer from this deep hue, a strip of white paint having been kept a few centimetres from the ceiling. Textures linen and cotton, houseplants and paper suspension. Nothing to say, the small room likes natural materials. Enough to create a cosy and warm night corner.

8. Paint your little room white
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

>> Photo Leibal via Pinterest
Painting in white adds depth to the room. It is therefore the ideal color when looking to create a small space. White thus avoids feeling too oppressed. Here, the window under attic offers a skylight that illuminates and aerates this very small room even more. It provides an indispensable escape point when living in a cramped space.

9. Use appropriate storage space

Having a small room requires optimizing the area to the maximum. Placing storage spaces under the bed is a solution frequently adopted by anyone with a room with a small area. Clothes or clothes, you can store everything without leaving anything lying around.

10. Place the bed at the end of the room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Really Super

>> Photo Really Super via Pinterest
The position of the bed is also critical. Putting it at the end of the room frees up space to make your room something other than a room with only one bed. The bohemian spirit of decoration with its yellow and red touches makes this room a real intimate corner.

11. Set up a room corner in a small apartment
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

>> Photo Almamiadecor via Pinterest
Here is a small apartment, which, despite its small surface, clearly reveals each piece. The room area, located under the attic, is also marked by the taupe-grey colour that stands out from the white—a simple and elegant way to create a space of its own for your small room.

12. Put your mattress on the floor
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Via Pinterest

>> Photo via Pinterest
Placing your mattress on the floor gives the room more height and therefore gives the impression of having a larger room. Space seems airier, especially as it takes advantage of the brightness of the white walls. Bring pastel splashes of colour to the bed linen to customize this cosy little piece.

13. Opt for a mezzanine in your small room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

>> Photo Stadshem via Pinterest
What better way to optimize the space in your room than a mezzanine? Aesthetic and practical, floors are always as much a dream. Place the bed on the ceiling, and the rest of the room is free to put what you want: desk, sofa, beautiful space. With the mezzanine, anything becomes possible!

14. Make a stage for a room
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room
Via Pinterest

>> Photo via Pinterest
Living in a small apartment may require having a room in the living room. A small room can then created by raising it with the help of a platform. Here, the wooden platform combines library, bed and drawers in one piece, all in a very graphic style.

15. Place your bed by a window
Ideas for a Small, Well-appointed Room

>> Photo StyleRoom.se via Pinterest
When you have a small room, it is essential to be able to afford a view of the outside. You can then choose to place your bed near a window. By putting what is most cumbersome near an opening to the outside, space seems less cramped.

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